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Travel Luggage Insurance

Young Travellers luggage insurance for all stays abroad like round-the-world-trip, semester abroad, traineeship abroad, work&travel, au pair or language school program.

  • insurance coverage for personal luggage, sports equipment and souvenirs during the entire trip including flights or other transportation
  • 2 insured sums available at your choice: 1,500 € or 3,000 €
  • valuable items covered at 50 % of the insured sum: notebook, tablet, mobile phone, iPad, photographic equipment
  • replacement purchases of delayed luggage up to 250 €
  • no deductible

Please note that this luggage insurance must be combined with at least one more Young Travellers Insurance. Benefit from Young Travellers modular travel insurances and add any other insurance module to your travel luggage insurance.

Benefits Travel Luggage Insurance Young Travellers
Scope: temporary stays abroad (max. 24 months) as well as stays in Germany (Schengen).
Policyholder is anyone who´s permanent place of residence or company domicile is Germany or another member state of the European Union (home country). Insured persons are all persons mentioned by name in the insurance policy. Policyholder and insured persons must not be identical. (Please contact us, if your permanent place of residence is not an EU member state.)
Begin of insurance cover: Your luggage insurance begins with the start of your insured stay (departure from home country). End of insurance cover: Your luggage insurance ends on expiration of the insured period or earlier if you have finished your insured stay (return to home country) earlier than planned.
Newborns: Children born during your insured stay abroad will be covered with retroactive effect from their birthday by "Young Travellers" insurance tariffs, provided that at least one parent has been covered too by "Young Travellers" insurance tariffs on the child´s birthday and that your application for covering your newborn was made within 2 months after the day of birth.
Insured sums: at your choice 1,500 € or 3,000 €
Deductible: no
Definition of luggage:
your personal travel requisites, sports equipment, presents, souvenirs
Insured benefits:
Refund of current value of lost or destroyed items
Refund of necessary repair costs of damaged items and, if applicable, an amount for the remaining loss of value
Refund of material value of films, video, audio and data media
Refund of official charges to obtain new documents in case of official identity documents and visas
Delayed luggage: Refund of replacement purchases up to 250 € per person in case of checked luggage being delayed at the destination for at least 12 hours
Delayed luggage in case of cruises: Refund of replacement purchases up to 250 € per person in case of checked luggage cannot be taken on board due to the delay
Insured events:
Loss, damage or destruction of accompanied luggage during your insured stay (1) by criminal act by a third party, (2) accident involving the means of transport or (3) fire or natural event.
Loss, damage or destruction of checked luggage during your insured stay, if your luggage is in the custody of a transport company, a company providing accommodation or a luggage deposit.
Please note:
This overview is a packed description of insured benefits. Contractual basis of your insurance cover are terms & conditions provided when you have booked your insurance policy.

Premiums for all stays worldwide

Luggage Insurance Young Travellers
worldwide up to 24 months - no deductible
Premiums are applicable to all stays abroad. Booking requires at least one more Young Travellers travel insurance module added.
0 - 55 years / insured sum:
Premiums:1,500 € value of luggage3,000 € value of luggage
1 month11 €17 €
2 months21 €32 €
3 months32 €48 €
4 months42 €63 €
5 Monate53 €80 €
6 months63 €95 €
7 months74 €111 €
8 months84 €126 €
9 months95 €143 €
10 months105 €158 €
11 months116 €174 €
12 months126 €189 €
13 months137 €206 €
14 months147 €221 €
15 months158 €237 €
16 months168 €252 €
17 months179 €269 €
18 months189 €284 €
19 months200 €300 €
20 months210 €315 €
21 months221 €332 €
22 months231 €347 €
23 months242 €363 €
24 months252 €378 €
Refund of premiums: All premiums per person and per insured period. In case of premature return back home, your policy will be terminated by the end of the last travel month, resulting in a refund of remaining premiums.
Young Travellers Bonus: If your trip terminates during the first 3 days of a travel month, no additional premium will be charged for that month! This bonus automatically will be considered and allowed during booking process. Example: Travel period 01.01.-03.06. = only 5 months will be paid.
Booking term: At any time before departure from your home country (begin of your trip).
Age limits: Your age on the day of taking out your policy is defining your premium.

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