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Health insurance for traineeship abroad

Young Travellers health insurance offers comprehensive benefits for young people staying abroad for internships. Applicable both for the time you will spend as trainee and private trips beforr or after working for an employer abroad::

  • insurance coverage also for work accidents during traineeships
  • outpatient and in-patient medical treatment
  • vaccinations becoming neccessary abroad
  • medical transports to hospitals
  • ambulance transport backhome
  • return of travel luggage
  • stays in your homecountry covered (interruption of trip)

Cheap and comprehensive Young Travellers health insurance is a perfect health insurance for trainees looking for health insurance both for practical training periods and private travel periods. Just one policy entirely covers your stay abroad.

This health insurance for traineeships offers unlimited insured sum without deductible at remarkably low premiums especially for young trainees up to 25 years of age:

Examples of health insurance premiums for internships abroad:

Insurance coverage worldwide if less than 50 % spent in USA & Canada (age max. 25 years):

  • 6 months = 144 €
  • 9 months = 243 €
  • 1 year = 360 €

Insurance coverage worldwide if 50 % or more spent in USA & Canada (age max. 25 years):

  • 6 months = 195 €
  • 9 months = 318 €
  • 1 year = 459 €

Refund of premiums in case of premature termination of your trip!

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