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Travel insurance if you abandoned your domicile

Booking a travel insurance usually requires both statement of your address and begin of your insurance policy at the same time you are leaving your home country. Home country is the place of your usual place of residence (domicile).

In case you decided or you are forced e.g. by communal regulations to deregister your domicile for the period of your stay abroad, but you are interested in the Young Travellers Health Insurance or any other Young Travellers Insurance, we kindly ask you to contact us.

We will be happy to provide you with all information about applying for a travel insurance in case of abondoned domicile.

How you can reach us:

by E-Mail to customers(at)

by phone at +49-8052-9579646 (German) or +49-8052-9579647 (English)

by use of our contact form

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