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Travel Health Insurance when already staying abroad

You have already started you trip abroad and covered it by any other travel health insurance - e.g. issued by a foreign university or included in your trainee contract? Now you are looking for health insurance for the remaining part of your trip, which can be bought when already travelling?

Young Travellers Health Insurance can be bought after departure from your home country (place of permanent residence) subsequent to your present insurance policy under these conditions:

  • You are covered less than 24 months so far, calculated from the day of departure from your home country (place of permanent residence).
  • You have covered your trip by another health insurance, which hasn´t expired so far.
  • You would like to buy Young Travellers Health Insurance subsequently starting on the date of expiration of your present policy.
  • The total duration of your stay abroad including the requested Young Travellers Health Insurance doesn´t exceed 24 months.

If so, you are kindly invited to apply for Young Travellers Insurance Plan also when already travelling abroad. Insurance coverage is given for all claims caused after begin of your Young Traellers Insurance policy. In this particular case, your insurance policy will be issued by us and sent to you by email.

In order to receive a detailed offer, please email us these information and documents:

  • Copy of your present health insurance policy also showing the insured period.
  • Information about the additional insured perod of time you are applying for.

You will shortly receive an offer from us also showing the next steps to do to make sure that you will have your Young Travellers Health Insurance policy immediately issued.

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