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Student Health Insurance for semesters abroad

Young Travellers student health insurance for semesters abroad. For all stays of up to 2 years at a foreign university:

  • Bachelor semester abroad
  • Master semester abroad
  • semester abroad for master thesis
  • Trimester or Quarter
  • Study of medicine abroad
  • Summer School
  • Certificates & Diploma
  • PhD & Doctorate

Applicable for all university courses abroad at any foreign university - Down Under, in the USA, in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, in Europe or in any other country worldwide.

Young Travellers student health insurance without deductible offers benefits, which will make your semester abroad easier for students at an international university::

  • unlimited insured sum
  • outpatient & in-patient medical treatments, painkilling dental treatments, ambulance transport, pregnancy covered
  • all kinds of sport as well as work abroad during your semester covered
  • neccessary vaccinations covered
  • coverage in your home country in case of preliminary visits at home (interruption of your semester stay abroad)
  • cheap premiums, but best benefits especially for students abroad of up to 25 years of age
  • private trips before, during or after college days abroad can be insured as well
  • flexible premiums on offer allowing to insure stays inside and outside USA & Canada: No extra premiums for USA & Canada if you spend less then 50 % of your trip in both countries!

This valuable student health insurance is suited e.g. as:

Please get in touch with us if your international university is requesting a waiver. We will check and confirm requirements of your waiver according to your insurance coverage.

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