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Travel Health Insurance for pregnancy and childbirth abroad

If you already are pregnant when starting your trip or if you become pregnant during your trip abroad, you will be covered at best by Young Travellers Health Insurance.

Travel health insurance benefits for pregnancies already existing on departure:

  • medical treatment of complications
  • medically indicated abortion
  • childbirth and miscarriage until 36th week of pregnancy

Travel health insurance benefits when becoming pregant during your trip:

  • all benefits listed above as well as
  • permaternical medical care including ultrasonography
  • outpatient or in-patient delivery (childbirth) including medically necessary Caesarian
  • obstetricians and midwifes
  • postnatal care for mother and newborn

All benefits are provided unlimited (100 %), no maximum benefit and no deductible.

As soon as an in-patient childbirth is upcoming and you have chosen the hospital, we recommend to get in touch with our ambulance service. There is free choice of hospital at your destination. Please keep your insurancy policy number as well as contact data of the hospital ready when calling the ambulance service. Our ambulance service will take over all administrative matters and directly pay to the hospital.

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