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Health Insurance for Work and Travel

International health insurance for Work and Travel abroad. Insurance coverage for private and working periods of your trip as working traveller (trainee) abroad:

  • outpatient and in-patient medical treatment in case of illness or accident (injury)
  • painkilling dental treatment
  • ambulance transport back home and medical transport to hospital
  • salvage costs
  • insurance coverage in home country in case of interruption of stays abroad
  • all kinds of sport covered
  • work abraod covered
  • unlimited insured sum
  • no deductible

Young Travellers work&travel health insurance offers comprehensive benefits also when you are working for an employer abroad as work & traveller or trainee. Medical treatments due to an accident at work are covered as any other medical treatments becoming neccessary during your trip.

Take out just one policy covering the whole duration of your stay abroad and enjoy extraordinarily low premiums especially for working travellers up to 25 years of age. Example: 6 months work and travel health insurance without any deductible at just 144 €.

flexible work and travel health insurance

You will spend your travel time only partly in USA or Canada? Young Travellers premiums offer the flexibility you need:

  • no additional premiums if you will stay less than 50 % of your trip in USA or Canada
  • you can insure the whole trip (work & travel as well as remaining time) inside and outside USA & Canada by just one policy and at low premiums

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