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Travel health insurance, if only partly staying in USA and Canada

Young Travellers health insurance for travellers only spending a part of their travel period in USA or Canada. A prefect travel insurance if you will combine stays in USA & Canada with travel periods in Southern America, Central America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand or Europe::

  • no additional premium (no surcharge) if you will stay less than 50 % in USA & Canada
  • worldwide coverage, unlimited sum, no deductible

You will pay low premiums usually paid for stays outside USA & Canada also for your time inside USA & Canada. Take out just one policy covering your trip entirely and benefit from cheap premiums applicable for your trip!

Young Travellers low premiums can be chosen for private round-the-world-trips, work&travel, semesters abroad, traineeships abroad, visiting professorship, language school programs, business trips or any combination taking place in in USA or Canada. For everybode up to 55 years of age and for stays abroad up to 2 years.

Additional premiums will be charged only if you spent more than 50 % in USA & Canada. But even those premiums of Young Travellers health insurance are remarkably low.

Premiums for stays mainly in USA & Canada:

Premium for 9 months worldwide coverage:

  • up to 25 years = 318 €
  • 26-35 years = 423 €
  • 36-45 years = 549 €
  • 46-55 years= 675 €

Premium refund in case of premature termination of your trip!

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