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How to extend or shorten the insured period of your policy

We strongly recommend to book your Young Travellers Insurance for the maximun duration of 2 years right from the start to avoid an extension of your policy becoming necessary during your trip. Extending a travel insurance policy is unfavourable as (a) an approval by the insurer is required and (b) claims (e.g. medical treatments) already existing are not covered by the additionally extended insured period.

Please avoid these disadvantages and start out with a travel insurance for the maximum duration. You don´t take any financial risk as remaining premiums already paid for the time after your return back home (end of your trip) will be refunded to you.

If, nevertheless, you are facing an extension of your policy becoming necessary during your stay abroad, we kindly ask you to ask us for advise.

You can contact us via our contact form or by sending an email to customers(at) before expiration of your present policy.

In case of a reduction of your insurance policy due to earlier return home (end of your trip) please proceed as follows:

  • Please contact us at customers(at) after your return back home, tell us your insurance policy number and submit a proof of the day of your return (e.g. boardingpass or flight confirmation).
  • We will terminate your insurance policy, arrange remaining premiums being paid back to you and inform you about the amount of refund.

Any questions on your part? Please contact us!

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