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Accident & liability insurance for Schengen stays

Guests from abroad travelling to any Schengen member states can apply for Young Travellers Schengen Accident- & Liability Insurance.

Available for all persons up to 55 years of age with or without Schengen visa requirement, staying in Europe for up to 2 years - e.g.:

  • Semester at a European University
  • Au Pair stay with a homestay familiy in Europe
  • Exchange students travelling to Europe
  • Students attending language school programs in Schengen member states
  • private trips to or tours in Europe

Insurance benefits accident insurance for Schengen stays:

  • in case of death 5,000 €
  • in case of disablity 50,000 €
  • cosmetic surgery 3,000 €

Insurance benefits liability insurance for Schengen stays:

  • insured sum 1 Million €
  • liability cover for au pair included
  • damage to rental objects or household of a homestay family 1,000 €
  • replacement of locks due to loss of keys 5,000 €
  • stays in Germany : deportation costs up to 2,000 €

The Young Travellers Schengen Accident & Liability Insurance can be booked solo or in addition to the Young Travellers Schengen Health Insurance.

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