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Travel Luggage Insurance for long-term stays abroad

Young Travellers luggage insurance for all kinds of stay abroad up to 2 years. Comprehensive insurance cover of your personal items during the entire trip:

  • personal luggage items, sports equipment, valuable items (photographic equipment, tablets, notebooks, iPhones) and Souvenirs
  • insurance benefits in case of damage, destruction or loss of your travel luggage
  • insurance cover for items in your personal safekeeping and for checked luggage
  • available insured sums at your choice 1,500 € or 3,000 €
  • no deductible

Young Travellers luggage insurance can be booked for private trips, semesters abroad, work&travel, au pair stays and for trips by any means of transport (e.g. flight, cruise, railway, coach, own car).

Insurance benefits in case of damage, destruction or loss of your luggage:

  • refund of present value of lost or destroyed items
  • refund or repair costs and loss of value of damaged items
  • refund of fees  of replacement of lost official travel documents or visa
  • refund of replacement purchases in case of luggage being delayed on delivery

This travel luggage insurance can be combined with any other Young Travellers insurance. Take advantage of modular travel insurances offered by Young Travellers and create your own individual travel insurance package.

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