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Work & Travel Accident Insurance

Work&Travel accident insurance at Young Travellers offers comprehensive benefits for work abroad. Applicable both to private parts and work&travel parts of your trip abroad. A perfect accident insurance for an international traineeship combined with a private trip before or after your stay with an international employer.

Insurance coverage and insured sums of that work&travel insurance in case of a work-related accident:

  • 10,000 € in case of death
  • 100,000 € in case of disability
  • 3,000 € in case of cosmetic surgery due to an accident at work

Not only accidents at work are covered but also any other accident you might meet with during your trip - e.g. sport accident or traffic accident. Young Travellers work&travel accident insurance is valid worldwide without deductible!

Available for trips of up to 2 years and for anyone up to 55 years of age at just 9 € per month also including travel liability insurance.

Please note that:

A work&travel accident insurance offers the benefits listed above in case of an accident. Outpatient or in-patient medical treatments due to an accident e.g. at work are not covered by an accident insurance but only by a travel health insurance.

We warmly recommend to add Young Travellers travel health insurance offering unlimited insured coverage (no maximum amount) for medical treatments, medical transports and dental treatments becoming neccessary during your work&travel program.

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