for school & university students

Please keep available:

  • coloured passport photo
  • identity card
  • University Students: certificate of enrolment showing current date and status "enrolled"
  • School Students: student card showing current date and status "student in current school year"
  • Student at a vocational school: certificate proving the current year of training

Alternatively to certificates: Written confirmation issued by your university, school or vocational school showing date and seal on an official letterhead.

International Student Identity Card

Holding an ISIC Card means having access to more than 150,000 discounts and bonus programs in above 130 countries - e.g. online shopping or cultural events at home or while travelling. ISIC Card holders enjoy advantages all around the world when buying flights, accommodation, IT, entertainment products or numerous other products. As well, ISIC Card is the only international student identity card accepted worldwide.

Who is entitled to apply for an ISIC Card?

  • University Students at a public or private university or high school with a minimum stay of 6 months and 15 hours per week at least (30 CP / semester)
  • School Students in a current school year at secondary level school including commercial schools, vocational schools or private educational institution
  • Appreticed persons visiting a vocational school
  • Students on leave holding a cerfiticate of enrolment
  • School students at a German "Studienkolleg" holding a certificate of enrolment
  • PhD candidates holding a certificate of enrolment
  • Student teacher (two-phase academical training)

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