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My round-the-world-trip by bike

and how it changed my life.

My name is Joachim Kässmodel and I cycled as “the Bike Ambassador” from west to east, following the trails of Marko Polo. I travelled more than 25,000 kilometres across 27 countries, crossed 6,000 meters high mountain ranges, met hungry wolves and was without any food for some days at minus 30 degrees.

Suddenly my journey was terminated by a severe accident in Southern China. I spent one month in a hospital and wasn´t allowed to cycle for at least a year. Although I was depressed and sad, life has teached me: If one door closes, another one will open.

I very much appreciated to be insured at best and all costs of transportation, surgery and further hospital charges have been covered by my travel health insurance.

After I recovered from the accident I decided to stay in China. I didn´t only learn about Chinese language and culture, but also met the love of my life - a charming princess from Chengdu in the Sichuan province.

Now we both are self-employed supporting international cooperations between East and West, offering cultural and educational trips to and from China for people from all over the world.

My wife also took over another important role in my life: She is mother of our 1 and 3 years old children. Unfortunately, one of the deliveries has been very complicated and only thanks to our travel health insurance we received the best medical care necessary at that time.

We are truly grateful that our insurance adviser, Mr. Uwe Dittner, has chosen the best travel health insurance available at that time.

Greetings from China

The Kässmodel family